Duty lawyer service - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

The lawyer will advice you on whether to proceed or wether you should quit a case. The lawyer will refer you to further attorney service if necessary.

Duty lawyer service is closed the rest of the year due to COVID-19.

Are you in need of help from a lawyer?        

Here you can find possibility of public legal assistance, legal assistance insurance, free trial and appeal to the Consumer Complaints Board and other approved appeal boards.

Where and when?

The duty lawyer service is normally open every Tuesday from 4-6 PM. The duty lawyer is closed during school summer vacation, autumn holiday (week 42), winter holiday (week 8) and between Christmas and New Year and other holidays that fall on a monday.

Remember to get yourself a number to the queue

Tuesdays from 3.45-5.30 PM you can get a number to the queue at the entrance to the main library.
Pleasee note: the service cannot be booked - first come first served.
You cannot call the duty lawyer service - you have to be there.


The lawyer will give you an oral advice, once you´ve stated your problem.

You can chose to be anonymous. The duty lawyer service do not offer case processing.

The duty lawyer service will advice you on all types of cases and questions.

The duty lawyer service cannot asist in writing complaints, applications og writing documents. But we do give advice on whether certain documents are needed – e.g. a lease contract, cohabitation contract or testaments.

The duty lawyer service will advice you on whether to proceed with a case or whether you should quit the case.

The lawyer will refer you to further attorney service if necessary.

Who can get help?

The duty lawyer service covers the jurisdiction of the municipality of Aalborg.


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