Book Club

Do you like to read and discuss literature with fellows? In a Book Club you read the same book and talk about the book, share your opinions and discuss how the book can be interpreted.

At the Aalborg Libraries we offer help to collect as many issuies of the same book as your Book Club needs and you can borrow them for six weeks, so you have time to read the book and meeting in your Book Club to talk about the book.

We can help you starting a Book Club and give you inspiration to get the most out of your Book Club.

Do you want to join a Book Club?

Find others who wants to join a Book Club. Ask us, we do have a lot of contacts and we know if some Book Clubs have room for you. We can also help you finding a place to meet and talk about the books.

Inspiration for you already joining a Book Club

How do you start the discussion? Do you need help for text analyzing? How do you find reviews of books? Where do you find the good books for your next reading in the Book Club? Please contact us if you need help and inspiration.

Book pickup

The Contact person of the Book Club will be noticed when the books are ready for pick up. The members of the Book Club can ask the staff in “øen” (the counter) and the staff will find the book. Remember to tell that it is a Book Club.

Book a room for Book Clubs

It is possible to book a room for your Book Club.

Do you have questions about Book Clubs?

Please contact Gitte Kragh at phone number 9931 4300 or by emailing to

Do you want to join a Book Club?

Please contact Erling Lykke at phone number 9931 4367 or by emailing