For Ukrainians

A quick overview if you are looking for Ukrainian reading material.

You are free to spend time in the library where you can use our internet and read our magazines and newspapers. However, you need to register in our system to borrow library materials and to enter the library during self-service hours. We are happy to help you get started.

Events at the library

Language Café - Frivillig Aalborg, a part of Dansk Flygtningehjælp, is here to help you understand the Danish society. They offer help with homework as well as assistance with reading letters from authorities or writing job applications or just a chat in Danish.  The service takes place at the Main Library, Wednesdays 15.00-17.00.

Reading materials

Here are some easy ways to get a hold of Ukrainian reading material in Denmark. Due to the consequence of the influx of Ukrainian refugees, the Danish libraries are trying to get a hold of more Ukrainian literature. More physical books are on their way, but in the meantime, we have compiled a list of readily available Ukrainian (ua)  and English (eng) material. Where possible, we prioritize online resources so you do not have to wait for physical books to arrive.

Here you can find information about becoming a library patron

For Children

Here you will find the library's collection of books and movies in ukrainian

Our partner library provides a guide to Ukrainian books and audiobooks on the internet. The site has English as well as Ukrainian descriptions.

At you can find e-books for children in ukrainian.

At you can find easy-reader stories for children at varying reading levels. The stories are a combination of illustration and text, but there is also an audio track. All stories have been translated into a number of languages, including Ukrainian and English. See the list of easy-reader books for children here.

eReolen Global contains ebooks and audiobooks for children in English as well as a number of titles in Ukrainian. The service requires a library card to Aalborg Public Libraries which is free of charge.

For Adults

Here you will find the library's collection of books and movies in ukrainian

PressReader provides magazines and newspapers from all over the world. You can access the service without a login if you use a computer at the library. From home, you need to register with your library card. At the library, we can help you get started with PressReader.

On you can find Ukrainian and English fiction from all the libraries in Denmark. When you reserve these books, they are sent to Aalborg Library where you can pick them up. You can use your library card from Aalborg Library to reserve the books on and you will receive a notification from the library when your books have arrived.

Your First Danish Words

Learn you first Danish words with these materials from Aalborg Libraries

Resources from for raising a multi- or bilingual child

 A Guide for Ukrainian Parents by Red Cross

Read the guide from Red Cross for Ukrainian parents