Are You New to Denmark?

Aalborg Libraries have many different offers for new residents of Denmark.

Libraries in Aalborg Municipality

We have 11 libraries spread across Aalborg Municipality . 
You can use the library from home via our website, and as registered loaner you have access to our many digital offers.
In Denmark, the libraries are free of charge.
Click here to read general information about the library.  

Do You Want to Learn Danish?

You can borrow language courses and easy reader books in Danish.
Or you can access the digital service Mango Language from home. This service offers courses for beginners in more than 70 different languages. 

Language Café for Adults

Language Café (Sprogcafé) is a free offer for bilingual adults. It is an informal way to learn about the Danish society, language and culture.

You Can Get Help With:

You can find other Language Cafés in Aalborg at the website Frivillig Aalborg.

Homework Cafés for Children

Does your child need a little extra help with their homework? Wednesdays at 16-18, volunteers from Dansk Flygtninghjælp are ready to help with the childrens' homework. Read more about homework cafés.

We Have Books and Magazines in Many Languages

At Aalborg Libraries, we have books in many languages. Moreover, if we do not have what you are looking for, you can search for books from all libraries in Denmark and have them sent to the library nearest you.
You can order the books at or you can ask the librarian to help you.
You can find a guide of tips and tricks in how to search at in different languages here