Book a Librarian (Virtual)

Virtual Book a Librarian is a service for people who have difficulties coming to the library.

What is Virtual Book a Librarian?

  • We can help you find information and materials for your interest or school assignment.
  • You can have 30 minutes of individual talk with a librarian via Microsoft Team or e-mail.
  • Please send a request to e-mail: clearly stating what your question is about, and what time suits you the best. 
  • Your booking is approved when you receive a link to the Microsoft Teams meeting. If the preferred time is already booked, we have to find another time. 

When Can You Expect Help?

We will adapt to your needs, but the service is primarily between 12.30-17.00.

Please remember that we also have the physical Book a Librarian at the Main Library during the opening hours when you can meet the staff.

What Can We Help You With?

  • Search for books, magazines, articles and other available materials in the Aalborg Libraries search database
  • How to search at where you can find and book materials from all libraries in Denmark
  • How to search the internet effectively
  • Introduction to the databases Aalborg Libraries gives you access to
  • Guidance in how to use the other services from the library, for example eReolen, eReolen Global, Filmstriben, RB Digital, eBook Central and more.