Print, Copy and Scan

Aalborg Libraries offer various ways for you to print, copy and scan your documents.

Print from a Library Computer or Your own Laptop or Phone

Please note that using the public computers and WiFi at Aalborg Libraries is at your own risk.

From a Library Computer

  1. Open the document or page you want to print
  2. Click "Print" and approve
  3. Check your print settings in the window that appears
  4. Pay from the library computer with credit card

From Your Own Laptop

  1. Open a browser and go to the website
  2. Choose a document and library printer-ID
  3. Choose your print settings
  4. Pay with credit card

From Phone/Tablet

  1. Install the Princh app for Android or IOS
  2. Open the document and share with the Princh app
  3. Choose a library printer-ID and your print settings
  4. Pay from your phone/tablet with credit card

Please Note!

  • Do not open the printer trays. For any paper shortages contact the library staff.
  • That you can print from home from your own computer. Follow the guide above and remember the code to release your print job. The code has to be used on the tablet next to the printer at the library. The code appears on your screen after payment.
  • The print job has to be collected within 24 hours. After that, the print job will be deleted, and the payment will be refunded to your account after 3 days.
  • Never remove the tick at "Use a Code to Print". If you do so, your documents will be printed right away and strangers can read them. 

The Printers Have the Following Printer-ID

  • Main Library 1: 101826
  • Main Library 2: 101825
  • Hals: 101894
  • Hasseris: 101893
  • Nibe: 101891
  • Nørresundby: 101892
  • Storvorde: 101890
  • Svenstrup: 101895
  • Trekanten: 101896
  • Vejgaard: 101889
  • Vodskov: 101897

Prices for Print and Copy

  • A4 format is 1 DKK per page (black/white or colour)
  • A3 is 2 DKK per page (black/white or colour)
  • Duplex costs double 
  • Scan to e-mail is free


You can pay with credit card.