Do you need help with your computer, smartphone or tablet? Do you need advice og just a talk about IT-related issues?

Due to the coronasituation this service is not possible at the moment.

However we offer the option to call us at 9931 4300, weekdays between 10-15.


Visit the IT-Café at the Aalborg Public Libraries. Here you are greeted by library staff and volunteers ready to share their IT-knowledge with you. You don’t need to register. Just show up for at chat and a cup of coffee or tea. It is free, of course.

Join the Digitalization Wave

Communications between the public sector and the citizens of Denmark is now officially digital. You need to know digital services such as NemID, Digital Post, eBoks and a host of internet-based self-service solutions.

We are here to help you

  • getting started with your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • installing and setting up antivirus
  • mailing, texting, Skyping etc.
  • installing software and apps
  • using ebooks, audio books, music and video
  • searching and using the Internet

It is a good idea to bring your own devices

We do have computers at the IT-Café and you are very welcome to use them. But it is often better to learn stuff at your own devices and we have a chance to check if your computer is save and updated.

How we do help

The IT-Café always runs in a cozy atmosphere. The Staff and the volunteers will do anything they can to help you with the aim to help you off with your technology issues. With our help you can be able to help yourself in the future. Patience is a keyword.

If there are plenty of guests in the café you sometimes need to be patient. We will help you as quick as possible and in turn. Meanwhile you are welcome to supply yourself with coffee, tea and cookies and have a chat with the person sitting next to you. Perhaps you could help each other with something?


You will find us at the Main Library in “Laboratoriet”. Just ask the staff to help you find it.


The IT-Café is open twice a week:

Tuesdays from 10-12 AM

Thursdays from 4-6 PM