General Information

Welcome to Aalborg Libraries! We are a free public service, however, there are some general rules and guidelines you must follow.

New User

You are free to spend time in the library where you can use our internet and read our magazines and newspapers. However, you need to register in our system to borrow library materials and to enter the library during self-service hours. You will use your yellow health insurance card as your personal library card and a four-digit pin code which you select.

You can sign up via using your MitID. This way, you have access to the library’s services right away. 

Alternatively, you can visit the library where our staff will help you register. For this, you must present your yellow health insurance card along with valid photo ID. If you do not have an address or a yellow health insurance card, you can get an ordinary library card by presenting a valid ID (passport, national ID card, residence permit, or similar).

In order to use the electronic services provided by Aalborg Libraries and to borrow board games, it is mandatory to live in Aalborg Municipality.

When you register, we will ask for your e-mail and phone number. Your contact information is used to send a free reminder e-mail three days before the materials are due. It is, however, your own responsibility to return the materials in time. 

If you change your address, e-mail or phone number, please be sure to notify us – or update the information yourself via the website.

Library Users with Protected Addresses

If you have a protected address and register in our system to become a library user, please note that you cannot access our digital offers such as eReolen and Filmstriben right away. In order to access our digital services, please refer to our staff who will enter your municipality number and ensure that you can make use of our offers.

If there are any changes in the CPR register, our library system will receive an update, and if your protected status remains, it will cause the information to be deleted and you will no longer be able to use our digital services. If this should occur, please refer to our staff again.

Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents under the age of 18 are welcome to register as well. However, one of their parents or guardians will be required to sign the registration form in order for the children to be able to borrow library materials. The registration can be done digitally by filling in a form or you can physically visit the library where the staff can fulfill the registration.

Children and adolescents can either use their yellow health insurance card along with a pin code or obtain a separate library card with a pin code.

If You Lose Your Card

If you lose your library card, please inform us immediately by calling (+45) 9931 4300 or by sending an e-mail to We will cancel your card to prevent misuse. 

How Long Can You Keep Borrowed Library Materials? 

Usually, you may keep borrowed library materials for 35 days; however, some of the most popular items are due back after 7 or 14 days.

Check the loan receipt or your loan status on our website to see when your library materials are due back.

How Do You Extend the Loan Period? 

Unless the material in question has been reserved by somebody else, you may extend the loan period via our website, by using the app ‘Biblioteket’, by calling the library or by physically visiting the library.

Materials subject to a 7- or 14-days loan period may be extended once. 

Materials subject to a loan period of 35 days may be extended with a maximum of 3 extensions in total. 

Extending the loan is only possible if there are less than 7 days left of the existing loan period. 

How Do You Order Materials?

You can order materials through the library website, by using the app ‘Biblioteket’, by calling the library or at the library directly. 

With your contact information, we will send you a message once the materials are ready for you. We are not able to send you messages by post. 

If we do not have the materials that you need, we will do our best to order them from another library. 

Overdue Materials

In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the library services, you must return the materials on time. Remember to keep your loan receipts to prove that your materials have been returned.

Your contact information is used to send you a free reminder three days before the materials are due. It is your own responsibility to return the materials in time.

Late Materials Will Be Charged the Following Fines

Late by

Children Under 18


1-7 days DKK10 DKK 20
8-14 days DKK 30 DKK 60
15-30 days DKK 55 DKK 120
After 30 days DKK 120 DKK 230

These fines are charged as of the return date. This means that if you have two or more materials with the same return date, you will be charged by the return date - not by the materials. The same goes if you have renewed your loans so they have the same date of return. The fines will be generated once the materials have been returned.

You can pay the fines via our website, in the app ‘Biblioteket’ and at the Main Library. 

Once the loan period has been exceeded by 7 days, we will send you an overdue notice by e-mail or SMS. If you haven’t provided us with an e-mail address or phone number, we will send the overdue notice by digital post (e-Boks) or ordinary post.

Once the due date has been exceeded by 35 days, you will be charged for both the replacement of the material and the overdue fines. If you return the material, you only have to pay the fines.

If you have not paid the fines after 90 days the fines, Aalborg Kommune will take over the case and you will receive a deposit card in your digital post (e-Boks). When receiving the deposit card in your digital post, it is no longer possible to pay the fines on the library's website or in the app 'Biblioteket'.

If you owe DKK 200 or more, some of the self-service functions will no longer be available to you, and you will receive a notice of a ban from borrowing materials at a 10-day deadline. The ban will end when all the fines have been paid. 

The library will send you a balance statement by digital post (e-Boks) or ordinary post. The statement is an overview of all your fines. These can be paid via, the app ‘Biblioteket’ or at the Main Library.


You are obliged to replace ruined/lost materials and non-returned materials. The replacement price is determined by the total cost of repurchasing and preparing the materials. Please note that the replacement prices of items such as DVDs are much higher than the prices charged in the shops. This is due to copyright issues. The fines can be paid via, the app ‘Biblioteket’ or at the Main Library. We do not repurchase replaced materials.

If you return the replaced(paid) ruinded/lost materials no longer than 30 days after the replacement order have been created, we will refund your expenses. 30 days from the creation of the replacement order we do not refund the expenses nor do we take the materials back. 

The library cannot be held responsible for any damage to your own hard- or software that might occur in connection with borrowed materials.

The Library Is for Everyone

We aim to provide all our users with a positive library experience. Therefore, all visitors must help preserve the public order and follow staff instructions. The library staff has the right to ask disruptive visitors to leave and to ban them from using the library for a certain period of time.

During the opening hours, there are surveillance cameras as crime prevention measures in all our libraries. 

Special Opening Hours

Most libraries are open every day with some hours limited to self-service. The Main Library and certain other libraries are closed on bank holidays (including Palm Sunday, Easter Saturday, Constitution Day (June 5th), Christmas Eve and New Year's Day). On May 1st, the libraries close at 12.00.

The opening hours change during holiday periods and between Christmas and New Year – please refer to our website.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Aalborg Libraries follow the regulative by the EU. You can read more about how we handle personal data at (Please note that the text is in Danish).