Internet & WiFi

Aalborg Libraries offer free use of public library computers as well as free internet to all our guests.

Use it from your own laptop, smartphone or tablet, or you can use a library computer.

Please note that using the public computers and WiFi at the Aalborg Libraries is at your own risk.

Find the WiFi network called Bibnet. There is no password.


The library's internet is not allowed to be used for chats and/or search for topics related to racism or porn, and the use of the internet has to respect the Danish legislation.

Responsibility and Misuse

Remember to log off or restart the library computer when you leave it. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have logged off e-mail, social media, banking, SKAT and other sensitive pages so your personal data cannot be misused.

Aalborg Libraries do not take responsibility for misinformation from the internet or for virus-based programmes you have downloaded.

Make Room for Others

The library offers a limited amount of computers that guests can use free of charge. However, there is not a personal computer for each guest, so it is important that everybody has a chance to access a computer. Take the other guests into consideration and leave the computer when you have finished your tasks.

The library staff would love to give you advice and guidance regarding the possibilities of the internet. If you need more thoroughly help, we refer to our IT-café.

Abuse of the library computers, which include changing the setup, may result in you getting banned from using the computers. If you do this repeatedly, you will be banned from using the library.


If you use the library’s computer network, make sure you have the newest antivirus programme. Using the open network is at your own risk.