Aalborg for internationals

Websites with useful information about networking and settling into life in Aalborg.

Asylforum meets every Friday at 15 to meet new people, chat, practice danish, play games and help with letters, IT, or other issues.
We also like to show new people around and often eat together.

Elsk Aalborg
”Love Aalborg” is a movement made up by people, associations and companies who work to make Aalborg a better place for everyone, with Danish and Hygge every Tuesday and Thursday.

International House
International House North Denmark offers internationals a one-stop shop, where you can get help with various aspects of settling in, finding work and better integrating in North Denmark.

International Network Aalborg
Information for Internationals in Aalborg is a group that share information for internationals in Aalborg about events, activities and experiences. 

Life in Aalborg
A blog by Sarah Holsen with essential information about living in Aalborg.

Moving to Aalborg
Information about the necessary formalities involved in moving to Denmark as a student or expat. Edited by Aalborg Municipality.

Study Aalborg
Information about studying in Aalborg. Student jobs, housing, events, services. Edited by Aalborg Municipality.

Visit Aalborg
Tourist information about Aalborg.

Study in Denmark
Official gateway to higher education in Denmark. Study for an internationally recognized PhD, Master's, Bachelor's or AP degree - taught in English.

Xpat Network North
Information about events targetet at Expats. Expat to Expat information.