Book a librarian

Optimize your information retrieval. Let us help you find what you need for your project, hobby or assignment

The amount of information is exploding. Access to information and knowledge is almost infinite and so are ways of searching. 

Book a librarian is a service for you who wants to optimize your information retrieval in connection with e.g. writing assignments. 

You can get help for:

- An assignment – a project – a hobby.

Book a librarian gives you access to 30 minutes of information retrieval guidance together with a librarian. 

Please book here ”Book en bibliotekar”. 


For students:

Do you study at UCN please book locally. Read more HERE

Do you study at AAU please book locally. Read more HERE.

Do you go to school or high school you can get help from your school´s  librarian. 

Are you a student? Look HERE to see what the library can do for you.