Library To Go

With Library To GO you can borrow materials even though the library is closed. But please allow some extra time as we are quite busy at the moment - please read at the bottom of page.

Library to Go means that You can collect your materials at the Main Library without even leaving your car.

The materials will be delivered, packed and borrowed to you at the Main Library. You decide whether you want to borrow books, magazines, board games or something else.

You can use the service 2 different ways

Book your materials via our website, or call us. 

You can order the wanted materials via the website and chose pickup at the Main Library. Once your requested materials have been found, you will receive a SMS or email saying that the materials have been found. Then you will call us, so that we can borrow the materials to you and pack them for you.

In the phone we agree upon time for pick up – earliest the day after.

When can I call?

You can call us at 2520 4313

  • Monday-Friday at 10-17
  • Saturday at 10-13

Where do I pick up my materials?

You can collect the bag at the Library’s private parking place at the Main Library, which you have access to via Østerbro right before the former bus gate. See location on Google Maps

You shall bring the yellow health insurance card belonging to the person the materials have been borrowed to. 

Please expect extra time for servicing you

We are utterly thrilled about you who use our service, Library to GO. This means that we are busy at the phone and collecting materials for you. So you may expect extra time to get through to us via the phone.

If you need help to find materials, please call us at 9931 4300 Monday to Friday at 10-15, or use our service Virtual Book a Librarian. Read more about Virtual Book a Librarian here