3. oktober 2017

Vi har fået nye kolleger fra Schweiz

Vi har bedt Silja og Jana om en lille præsentation, - her er en lille præsentation - på engelsk - det danske sprog er ikke helt på plads endnu.

We are the new interns Silja from Basel and Jana from Zurich. This summer we finished our education as librarians in Switzerland. Now we do an internship here in Aalborg. From august til december 2017 we work at Aalborg Bibliotekerne.
You can recognize us, on our badges.

If you are interested in our daily work, you are welcome to visit our blog.
There we publish a new blog post every fortnight.

Curious about Switzerland, our literature, traditions or culture? Briefly you can find more on the inspiration page from the Aalborg Bibliotekerne (https://www.aalborgbibliotekerne.dk/inspiration/) or just come to the library and ask us.

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