Book a librarian

Optimize your information retrieval. Let us help you find what you need for your project, hobby or assignment. 

Debt counseling

The debt counseling helps persons with low income, heavy debt and low available amount to get an overview of the debt and to help administrate the repayment. 

Do you study?

The public library in Aalborg has many services to you as a student in Aalborg as a supplement to the library at your study.

Duty lawyer service

The lawyer will advice you on whether to proceed or wether you should quit a case. The lawyer will refer you to further attorney service if necessary.

Language café

Frivillig Aalborg, a part of Dansk Flygtningehjælp, are here to help you understanding the Danish society.

The Immigration Legal Aid

Free legal advice and assistance in the area of immigration. Find us in the meeting rooms above the City Council Chambers at the Main Library.

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